Marco Meneguzzi

Posted on Tue, 24 May 2011 by midcenturyjo

Deeply dark and masculine. Elegantly neutral. Inside and out, light and shade. Always luxurious but equally liveable. It’s linen and marble, wicker and wood, found objects and vignettes, wool, cashmere or silk, as well as hammered iron, textured wallpaper and glass. Tactile and tailored, down filled stylishness , global influences and Australian living. It’s interior designer Marco Meneguzzi. I’m in love with the dark tailored room above. Throw in a tribal rug and I’d be in heaven.

Sofisticate… The black detais make the difference,

I fell in love with the living room and outdoor designs (especially the one on the 4th to the last photo). It's a perfect mix and match. I would love to get inspiration from these layouts for my summer project. I'm planning to redecorate my patio and deck area just in time for the summer breeze.

I've visited Marco Meneguzzi's website and he has a comprehensive portfolio. His outdoor layouts are quite sassy.

Love every single photo, I Love masculine interior design, it´s always so sophisticated, so simple but at the same time glamourous. A few days ago I posted Ron Marvin work, on my blog, wich I love, but I got to say Marco Meneguzzi's, wich I now know thanks to you, is also incredible, so thanks for inspiring me…

polish chick says:

sorry, but i find it infinitely boring. and what's with all those cushions? is it the 90's again?

Jeannette says:

Every single beautiful photo is a room I would love to live in! Absolutely stunning! Not stuffy or too formal but classy and relaxed.

amy b says:

sofas in third pic are amazing. any idea who made them?

Change says:

Loved it all! It's so clean!

selina says:

la classe!

KD says:

Love the Relaxed and Functional marbel kitchen! All of the wicher and textured wallpaper (I need to get rid of my orange peel walls). Not a fan of waterfall edges on islands, but you can't please everyone, right? Polish chick?

js says:

Seems a lot "Restoration Hardware" catalog to me. And I hate two-toned the curtains.

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