Reader’s home – before and after

Posted on Sat, 28 May 2011 by midcenturyjo

Iris from Inredningkaos emailed to share her apartment redo.

Here are some pictures from the kitchen, living room and dining room. We bought the apartment three years ago and completely redid everything from floor to ceiling. The first few months we lived in the apartment completely without a kitchen! All we had was an electric coolbox in the living room :)p Between the kitchen and dining room we removed a wall and instead we put a kitchen island with a stove to make a better space for cooking and entertaining, which we love to do! My favorite thing in this area is the white brick wall behind the television. My very handy boyfriend built in a pipe behind the bricks and underneath the floor where all the cords from the television and amplifiers go. I painted the art in my living room myself and I also painted the pattern on the rug! Hope you enjoy the pictures!

It’s a wonderful transformation Iris! From a plain box-like apartment to a stylishly casual and cosy home.

lovedesign says:

Looks very nice. The apartment is a little darker after the change. I 'm one for lots of light. Hope it's just the pics. Congratulations!

Pia says:

To Ann: Seems to be from Sweden – at least that is what the website links to: a Swedish website. I'm from Finland… darn those Swedes again!

Iris says:

I must say it is quite strange seeing my own home here on desire 🙂 It's so exciting to read the comments 🙂

The blog is Swedish, translates "interior chaos" 🙂


peggy says:

Such a beautiful home. Love the art over the sofa.

Anna says:

A beautiful space – they've done a great job! And I love that turquoise patterned splashback in the kitchen.

Tracey says:

The splashback in the kitchen is just THE most gorgeous thing I've ever seen! Good on you for being bold. It's a lovely transformation.

Nina says:

Wow! Unbelievable change, so much better now than then.

mrs c. says:

just gorgeous. love it!

Sammy says:

Splashback is great – well done on the transformation. A spot of colour in the lounge wouldn't go astray though 🙂

Eloisa says:

This is beautiful. I love the crisp lines and the sophistication it excudes. I especially like the dining area. So posh yet inviting. Well done!

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