Brie Williams

Posted on Tue, 7 Jun 2011 by midcenturyjo

Soft light like honey. Colours blossoming from each shot. Real beauty and hazy dreams. Gorgeous rooms exotic and everyday captured through the lens of über talented photographer Brie Williams. Take me away Brie. Pull me into the dream your photos weave. Here and now and steeped in history. Far away yet strangely close to home.

alessandra danovaro says:

OMG, this is totally my dream home. Airy feeling, weathered elements, kind of bohemian, eclectic. Where is this at?

All the aged textures and faded paint colors look great and add all kinds of character to these places. I am not a big fan of meticulously applied paint jobs and other "perfect" surfaces that show no signs of age or interaction. Great post!

Chloé says:

Amazing! I liked the dining table and the chairs. So roustique.

Very very gorgeous post….love all the stone and wood with fabrics and colours. So sunshiney, soft and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

lucie says:

Beautiful! Thank you for brightening my day, every day.

Oh my. I love every single one of them.


lea says:

I am so in love with Adobe render. Beautiful photos.

Heather says:

love love love it! Beautiful post…photos…I"d happily live in any of them!

tulika says:

Stuff that dreams a re made of 🙂

Jenny C says:

Like this post alot! The home is beautiful and the photos is amazing. Am refering to it on my page because it inspired me alot!

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