Stalking in the Land of the Long White Cloud

Posted on Fri, 24 Jun 2011 by midcenturyjo

Sammy is a regular reader and commentator on the blog. Sammy is a Kiwi. Sammy shares my real estate addiction and Sammy goes stalking when she is bored.

Gloomy winter day here in Auckland and it’s my day off so I decided to do some real estate stalking and found one of my favourite homes is up for sale. It was featured in a magazine a few years back and I must have ripped out the entire article for my folder once I stopped drooling! I probably couldn’t afford the garage but hey we’re all dreamers at heart. It certainly made me think of summer… the slick tropical feel with ethnic touches and worn timbers. Yum.

I want to see more pictures! I want to see bigger pictures! Hey I want to see better pictures! Sammy I want to see those torn out magazine pages! Dreaming of a beachside bolt-hole. Actually, like you, I’m dreaming of summer down here in the southern winter. Link to this North Shore, Auckland home here while it lasts.

Okwari says:

If I win the lottery it is mine. LOVE IT!

KERRY says:

I just have one question:
When do I move in?

sammy says:

Thanks for posting Jo. For those that don't know – Aotearoa is the Maori name for New Zealand and means land of the long white cloud. The beach is Takapuna (falling spring), the harbour is the Waitemata (sparkling sea) , the gulf is the Hauraki (north wind) and the volcano is Rangitoto (bloody skies). So much more poetic than English don't you think? 🙂

sammy says:

I meant to say the beach in the photo etc…not all beaches!

What a beautiful retreat for the every day.

beba says:


kris says:

This house doesn't belong to us human beings, it belongs to the gods. Only gods lives in the paradise ….

AMAZING. Speechless. x

shlomit ferber says:

love the building but think the interior could have been done a lot better the bar stools look very out of place and to be honest rather ugly the dinning table large yes but completely out of place and not impressive in this setting . would love to live there though.

Ennui says:

Architecture to feed the soul. Thanks so much for sharing this. Total Inspired!

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