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Posted on Tue, 12 Jul 2011 by KiM

This is kitchen #2, and it belongs to Michele. Here is part of her email: Wanted to share my very simple, spacious, and uncluttered kitchen for consideration for the blog. Our aim was to create something timeless, live-able, and easy to clean. We achieved this and allow our colorful personalities and laughter to provide color. I am a big fan of bright, light kitchen and this is certainly that. Perhaps a bold choice for a colour scheme for a space often filled with teenage boys but it seems to be working as Michele snapped these photos quickly one morning. Lovely!! (For more photos and details check out this post on her blog).

Lou Cinda says:

I think this is gorgeous!! Calm, serene, and stunning!! I would move right into it!

Whatever happened to "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all?"

My mama taught me that….a long time ago!

Beautiful kitchen!

Lou Cinda

mydeco says:

Bright kitchen bu it definitely needs a bit more colour, I can see her liking the white colours which present a clean, fresh look but I think it needs a lot more colour it doesnt seem to have any characted that simple brightly coloured accessories or brightly colours pieces of art can bring to a room. Nice pictures anyway.

mary says:

Nice kitchen for a model home but not practical! This is not an easy to clean kitchen. So much of the elements are dust collectors, e.g. the tops of the upper cabinets, the chandelier, the raised panels, the corbels, the open shelves, etc.

mary says:

Nice kitchen for a model home but not practical! This is not an easy to clean kitchen. So much of the elements are dust collectors, e.g. the tops of the upper cabinets, the chandelier, the raised panels, the corbels, the open shelves, etc.

paula says:

I love this kitchen, this home, this blog. I just read the beautiful comments along with the rude opinions from some very ,obviously jealous of the very exquisite space that was created by a very obviously thoughtful, caring , warm person . No need to clutter the area with extra "things' to" show "personality". The warm personality of this area is very clear to me. I feel the sane as "Under spanish moss" these negative comments were very rude and I wonder what type of people these are to post such negative comments—could you just have said nothing???? This really served no purpose-was not even a constructive criticism.
I love your kitchen- Michele – everything about it-wish mine could be just like it!

hellrazor says:

Let me see how many people I can upset with my comments— that table with wheels isn't going to go very far with a plugged in lamp on it. So where does the lamp go when the table gets moved? Eeek, does it "clutter up" another spot? Or does the table never move? My guess, the table never moves, it would ruin the perfect floor. So why the wheels? Hmm…

Sharmin says:

This kitchen is so beautiful! I would love to have such an open, clean, inviting space.

Alison says:

Oh my goodness!!!!!
I am shocked at the poor manners here!

Have never been to this website before but if this is any indication of the kind
of viewers or followers here, I will not be back.

This kitchen is absolutely lovely, and if you don't have something nice to say…. then say nothing!
If it is not your style or your taste — so be it.

This sweet woman, Michele, has allowed us to peek into her home. She puts herself "out there" and she certainly does
not deserve this kind of mean spirited scrutiny.

Thanks for allowing us to come inside your kitchen and take a peek, Michele.
Your kindness and hospitality is appreciated by me.


For a writer, lover of white and a dreamer (ie Michele), I cannot imagine a more perfect kitchen. It is tranquil, light and beautiful, exactly the kind of space where the best inspiration is born. Michele's brilliant creativity and humour is a testament to this – check out her blog and you'll get hooked!

Jen in the Goat Dairy says:

Hmm – interesting commentary back and forth. It is curious how a room in a private home, once made public (through blog publishing), can become the object of such open and heated debate not just in relation to the physical space of that room, but in terms of the owner's psychological and personal traits (as they are interpreted by strangers and on-lookers). It seems to me the issue here has less to do with common civility (albeit one could make a strong case for this in relation to certain comments on this post), but rather to blog-readers inability or unwillingness to distinguish between private and public, or between real and staged so to speak. Michele's kitchen probably has its share of errant coffee grinds and toast crumbs, dirty dishes and scorched pots from time to time; but this isn't what one generally photographs and "shows" to the public. This post could serve as a reminder that we all need to be able to distinguish between public posturing and feet-on-the-furniture private living. Otherwise it's like believing that Reality T.V. really represents some kind of reality that exists independently of the camera's presence. C'mon, live and let live, and let's all stay real. Speaking of which, Michele, what brand and color paint did you use on cabinets, walls and trim?

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