Reader’s home – Dana’s darsena sul lago

Posted on Tue, 26 Jul 2011 by KiM

This next reader’s home belongs to Dana. I featured her Italian villa last year, and today I’d like to share her lakeside home (“darsena sul lago” = dock on the lake) on Lake Como. It’s 35 sq m, with wooden beams and white walls, furnished with antique Asian furniture and flea market finds. There is a steel trap door in the floor to access the private boat dock and a cantilevered terrace with incredible views of the lake. So lovely! Not sure what I love more – the views or that kitchen!

Kit Lang says:

I love the feeling this home evokes – honeyed warmth all over. Delicious!


Looking the first photo, before reading, I immediately understand that was Italy!! 🙂

Kisses from Italy

polish chick says:

i'd love to see more of the actual interiors. i feel like this was only a teaser!

lea says:

All shots too close, Can't get a real idea of what the spaces are like

Steve @ Room Service 360 says:

Porthole window in a seaside abode? Fantastic work, Dana! A really good example of situational interior design/decor and architecture. More people should take notes from this.

Tanima says:

When I first saw the first picture, I thought, wow that looks a lot like Lake Como…glad to know my instincts were right.

I was just in Bellagio two weeks ago, and I am missing Europe so much, so nice to see the inside of a house.

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