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Posted on Wed, 27 Jul 2011 by midcenturyjo

When I was in Sydney last week there was one place I just had to visit, one store that has been calling me like a siren ever since I heard its name. Pure and General, a wonderland of an emporium in Potts Point. Owner Linda Gregoriou and manager Cassie Karinsky made me feel welcome and shared the stories behind their beautifully curated wares sourced from exotic locales around the world. These women share a passion and it shows. Although I had seen shots of the space as a whole nothing prepared me for the beauty in the detail. Everywhere I looked there was something exquisite, something I soooo wanted. My little point and shoot camera just can’t do this store justice. If you are ever in Sydney this jewel of a shop is a must visit.

Pure and General is at 114 Brougham St, Potts Point, NSW 2010.









Really nice place…it remembers me the Sissy Boy store interiors department here in Amsterdam.
Same mix of amazing styled objects!
My family used to have a countryside house in Italy decorated in this same exact way…only my grandparents didn't know that one day it would become fashionable as well 😉

Thanks for sharing it.


nicki says:

i totally agree. the first time i entered this shop i felt as if i was floating-totally in awe of and inspired by all of the goodies. it's a pretty special place!

Must visit!

Kimberley says:


Mrs BC says:

Your photos are making me drool! I sooooo want to visit this store. It is also featured in the current Vogue Living but your photos are much better, not bad for a point & shoot!

homestilo says:

So many lovely items…

Lily says:

Looks like an amazing store ! Love the mix.


Dana says:

Oh I've been there and yes it is truly lovely. Great photos from a point and shoot. You have captured the essence so well. Think I'll have to go back to Pure and General very soon.

mary says:

I want those shoes! Thanks!

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