Stalking a hair salon?

Posted on Wed, 27 Jul 2011 by midcenturyjo

I’ll real estate stalk anything it seems. Like this Windsor, Melbourne terrace house. Perusing the photos I thought yes like the chandelier, celadon vases are certainly spectacular if not a little large (I’d be petrified I’d knock them over), blanc de chine on the mantle is lovely. Why is the chair facing a mirror? Is that make-up on a console? Strange bottles to have in the kitchen window. Light bulb moment when I read the accompanying text. Terrace for sale currently leased as a hair salon. Stylish indeed and just a little special, like a private boudoir. I’d love to see the courtyard in full summer bloom. I’m sure it would be lush with greenery. Link here while it lasts.

homestilo says:

Too lovely for words. I'd be happy with just that bit of outdoor space.

Lin says:

Sure as hell beats Joe the Barber, just round the corner.

Anna says:

Wow – hate to think how much a haircut there would cost! Beautiful spaces though – feels very 'Rococo'.

chembo says:

Love this house…wow u have some really amazing readers with really great homes.I'm still a student graduatin next year so this is pretty far within my even 'want' list but looks soooo cooooooool!!!!!

sheila says:

wow LOVEEE it

kbd says:

what a great idea! So much more relaxing.

oregonbird says:

Beautiful and compact! And that countertop is SO a reason – along with the hundreds of thousands of fingerprints I've scrubbed away – for stainless steel to become a bad idea whose time has passed!

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