Minimalist in white

Posted on Fri, 5 Aug 2011 by KiM

I’d like to share another beauty from Shoot Factory with you all today. After a chaotic day at the office, how lovely it would be to come home to a place like this – white, bright, minimal, slightly rustic, and just completely calming. Except maybe for the burnt out attic (after the jump). YIKES. Charred walls make for some gorgeous photos though. Imagine one of those blown up and framed in a simple thin black or white frame.



Wow, that attic was kind of exciting, and scary at det same time! As you mentioned, they would look good in a frame.

A great location…. I love the wide entree to this house.. hope to get a feeling like this once I kicked down some walls here .. hopefully this month.

like living in a cloud…without kids.

First an all-black post (the kitchens on Wednesday!) And now a soothing white home- it's pure bliss. Except for the attic! I agree that such architectural decay makes interesting photos.

I like the attic – that's the only place I'd feel able to make a mess…

peggy says:

OMG I am so in love!!! I want to live there. I love all the white, and the silver and the various textures. I love the simplicity and how the place is elegant and raw at the same time. I also love the attic. I would turn that into my studio, and would not worry about dripping paint on the floors. I am really wanting to live in an all white place lately.

lea says:

Where is the home in this house. Doesn't look very livable to me.

I love white!

decoracao says:

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Samantha says:

Love the white! Must admit a bit creeped out by the burnt rooms….

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