Old Villa

Posted on Wed, 17 Aug 2011 by KiM

I’ve got another London location home beauty for you today, thanks to the folks at Shoot Factory. This one is called Old Villa, and old it certainly is. A little rough around the edges (is that a hole in the bathroom floor?) and a bit more traditional than we typically post but I love it for those qualities. My only beef is that gorgeous porcelain kitchen sink stuck in a corner, mounted on a rickety looking table. ODD. And how annoying if you’ve got a pile of dishes to do.





Melanie says:

Despite it's faults, it's beautiful. And looks like it's seen some living.

denis says:

I LOVE IT!!!!!

That stone wall in the garden with the ivy growing on it – that's reason enough to go back to London. Dunno where it is, but the facade looks Kew-ish.

And the site overall! A veritable rabbit hole to fall down for days. Which is no good because this particular white rabbit is already late!

Peter Hillier says:

Breathtaking. What an impeccable space and choice of furnishings.

lucie says:

.. you know, fireplace is more important than a sink…
Love this post, thank you! Such an inspiration.
My husband and I are renovating a very old house and we had a !!TEN!! doors and windows kitchen to deal with…similar cabinet in the doorway problem…it worked in the end…

Ferdi says:

I ♥ it!

hayley says:

Amazing and have looked at it before as it is for sale.. Only problem not in a great area at all… Too Bad, too sad!

Christin says:

absolutely gorgeous! do you know who painted the painting in the kitchen of the lady with the fan? i'd love to know.

Vanessa says:

i love the sink :o) gorgeous in everyway!!!

Paula Schmidt says:

I love the wide plank flooring and semi-outdoor patio!

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