Posted on Fri, 19 Aug 2011 by KiM

This is on my list of favourite living rooms of all time. Despite the fact that it could use a bit more seating, it’s fabulous. Bright and funky and sorta punky. 🙂 (via Lonny)

Love it. the shell-like basket is my fav! and i love seeing stylish living spaces that are designed for living and include a TV. And the coffee table – swoon! Happy weekend ladies. xo

tamar says:

where to get that cool skull print!?

What a wonderful space. I've been thinking about getting an ivory cowhide rug, and this just made up my mind…wonderful!!

Annie says:

Eew. Hate it. Just. Ugly.

Lin says:

Disjointed and creepy.

PussDaDatch says:

Indeed. Very disjointed.

The x-ray on the wall is also quite … odd.

Christina says:

I love this. It's creative and personal like more rooms should be. You're right about it seeming to be a little lacking in seating, though. I like that the objects in the room are not arranged in any sort of traditional or expected fashion. That takes a creative mind. I'm not saying this arrangement is perfect or ideal, I just appreciate that it's different from what you normally see.

amy says:

OBSESSED. Love. Love. Love. Period.

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