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Posted on Tue, 23 Aug 2011 by KiM

A couple of weeks ago I featured the work of stylist Solange van Dorssen (here), and she sent along a bunch more photos, including the beachfront home of architect Alejandra Galvalisi. It’s located in Punta del Este, Uruguay and was featured in Argentinian magazine Revista Living. It’s an interesting mix with rooms covered in corrugated steel, bright and airy rooms painted all white, and ends in a backyard oasis of stone and wood. (All photos below = Stylist: Solange Van Drossen/Revista Living Photographer: Santiago Ciuffo/Revista Living) P.S. That’s Sol in the first photo.

Luis says:

It's pretty interesting. But I can't help but wonder how it feels inside when the sun is bursting at 30°C on the outside.

polish chick says:

what lori E said. some yes (the yard!) and some definite no (the metal).

peggy says:

I love the corrugated metal walls. I've always wanted to experiment with that.

Love the couch in photo #2. And the outdoor space in the last photo – yes please!

Melina says:

This IS coolhunting and so interesting work. Congrat, Sol 😉

Love it. I adore corrugated iron and think it looks amazing when it is used in a domestic setting.

radostina says:

So pretty space. Thank you for sharing, Kim.

Phoebe Selene says:

I love the choices of blue that compliment the already strong metal. It softens the metal to such a peaceful place. The garden tub is my absolutely love ! I will be doing this tub !

tom says:

Everything white. It must be a pain in the eyes to clean it up. You have to take extra care to avoid any stains that it can get. Even though you can find great cleaning substances but it can harm the furniture. I read that someone has a recommendation in a post on viagra online pharmacy

Alejandra Galvalisi says:

Gracias por todos sus comentarios. Positivos y negativos.
Con 30 grados de calor, la casa sigue fresca por la forma en que construí las paredes.
Y por sobre todas las cosas este tipo de construcción es de muy bajo costo!!!!
Alejandra Galvalisi

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