Kelly Deck

Posted on Wed, 24 Aug 2011 by KiM

It’s been ages since Jo blogged about Vancouver interior designer Kelly Deck. I stumbled across some of her work recently in a magazine and was pleased to find many fabulous spaces on her website crying out for an updated post. I always thought of her as the queen of exteriors but it appears she certainly knows what she’s doing on the inside as well. Her kitchens and bathrooms are what dreams are modern and totally dreamy.


Aliza says:

she definitely does know what she's doing!

Chelsea says:

I think I just spotted my dream kitchen. These are going straight into the kitchen inspiration file.

AMR says:

Fabulous indeed. I love every space/shot.

Happy Birthday Kim.

HCC says:

Kelly Deck does such wonderful work. Some of those room photos were of the Grand Prize home she designed for the hospital foundation charity. So stunning.

Rachelle Wenger says:

Happy birthday, Kim!

Zsa Zsa says:

Gorgeous and spacious! Love them all, especially the second photo. Awesome!

Ann says:

I love them all – especially the second bath.

lives in vancouver says:

sorry but just don't think this designer is all that great. Stuff all looks the same-nothing new. I live in Vancouver & have seen her work close up. So many more talented designers here.

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