Love? Hate?

Posted on Thu, 25 Aug 2011 by KiM

I have had this apartment stored in my “blog this” folder for ages and for some reason haven’t bothered blogging it yet. When I found it last night I could not figure out if I love it or hate it. A bit too modern? Maybe. I don’t know how annoying it would be to have your living room facing the kitchen lengthwise like that. Some of the furniture, accessories and artwork is really not doing anything for me. The wraparound curtains in the bedroom (and a bit in the living room) are driving me insane. So are all those odd little rectangular potlights. I do love the kitchen (where’s the fridge??), the bathroom, the fireplace, the hardwood floors, the GLASS! FLOOR!, the staircase, and the soaring ceilings. (Via Per Jansson Fastighetsförmedling AB)


Anna says:

I hate the downstairs. Love the upstairs!

Gigi says:

All I know is, if your lighting store has a sale on:
– square potlights
– 80s tracklights
– bordello chic bedroom lamps
– Ikea lamps
– Grandin road catalog lamps,
…maybe don't buy them all at once.

Cata says:

Big bucks put to bad use………. hmmmm

Ottawa alternagrrrl says:

Christa you are soo funny…… I was just thinking about all the maintenance work of the galss floor and the difficult to use cut in half kitchen when I read your comment. Indeed, it does remind one a lot of the set of Scarface.

Romy says:

<I love the same things you love, I hate the same things you hate. The floors are beautiful, same with the light, but the kitchen is not working, plus the oven is located on the hallway ¿? I think the fail to make a conection between the warmin the wood and the cold metal… and the curtains need to go.

Anthony says:

This is just awful. It's far too overdesigned, even for postmodernism. It lacks any coherent aesthetic sensibility or point of view beyond that of a coked-up nouveau-riche.

Fancy says:

cushions on beds …. nooooooo

Stephanie says:

Nope, don't like it at all. Too many clashing materials and colours.. and the finishing doesn't look high quality. There's a taste issue here :/

Melanie says:


dakrolak says:

I tend to not wear panties so the glass ceiling/floor would horrify my dinner guests when I went to get that thing I forgot upstairs while they were enjoying their digestif

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