White in the green

Posted on Thu, 8 Sep 2011 by midcenturyjo

Sigh! The garden House by Melbourne based architect Allan Powell. A white confection rising from the lush green jungle of a garden. (OK perhaps a little too manicured to be a jungle.) A stunning marriage of Deco and minimalist modern. It’s spare but it certainly makes a statement. A limited and well curated palette of luxury. What makes just as much of a statement is the photography by Dianna Snape. We’ve often said on DTI that a good photographer takes a designer’s work to the next level. If you click over to the architect’s website you’ll see what I mean.

So chic – its certainly has a 1960's vibe but is so modern too! beautiful!
xo Allison

Bev65 says:

Beautiful outside, boring inside

Miki says:

Not boring at all if you are a minimalist like I am. This is just the right amount of everything. I wil even go maximalist if my garden could like this one.

Nadine says:

I love the artwork. Plus there are so many shapes and textures and everything looks………… quality. The only things that I'm not fond of are the palm trees and red and black place-mats. To only be able to pick out 2 things that I'm not sure about is pretty good for an entire house and I am NOT a minimalist. I just love it when colours and artwork stand out. 🙂

Marjee says:

I like the kitchen the best. I'd love some more texture under the dining tables… I know this is a contentious topic, but I feel like they're just floating there with nothing to anchor them…

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