Hello yellow

Posted on Mon, 12 Sep 2011 by midcenturyjo

Open plan contemporary living in an Australian bush setting. Pushing out from the ridge the glass and metal box is anchored by a big, bright dose of sunny yellow, a kitchen that shines like a beacon through the eucalyptus. It’s the ultimate bush shed by Sydney based, international architectural studio Lippmann Partnership. If a bush retreat is not your idea of architectural nirvana then perhaps the beach shack after the jump is more your modern retreat ideal.


Talk about bringing the outside in! I can't say that I am sold on the yellow kitchen, but the use of space in amazing.

Chelsea says:

I love how both of these are so open to the beautiful scenes surrounding them. Airy and gorgeous. xoxo

kaesjot says:

Very energetic!

I'm not crazy about contemporary homes, but that yellow got to me! Gee… can't feel down in a place like that.

Have a blessed week!

Tom says:

Imagine how beautiful vegetables would look in that kitchen 🙂

christa says:

Beautiful retreats. Love the yellow kitchen color and layout, and the way it looks from the exterior.

tania says:

I'd happily put up with either, the yellow kitchen reminds me of yellow wattle in among the eucalypts, fun.

holland says:

I've lived within many hues, but never yellow. Now it's the color I crave, and I'll be squeezing some fresh lemon into my pale grey and white palette.

Can't resist starting with sunny enamel on my front door.

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