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Posted on Wed, 14 Sep 2011 by KiM

Sarah Davison of Australian interior design firm ara Design Studio is one talented lady. Her rooms are timeless, classy, unpretentious and just really gorgeous. I’m a fan, and totally crushing on the space above. (Jo also noted the talent of this firm way back here).


Oh, make me weep at the beauty of this space! Love it.

Jamie says:

Gorgeous houses! Thank you so much for sharing!


homestilo says:

Love the casual feel of the dining area and the tile work in the shower.

Stephanie says:

I love the blue tiles on the bathroom/ shower wall. Where could I find them or something similar in shape?

one of my fave architects…dibs on the dining room…

g says:

anyone know the source for the bath filler/tap in the neutral bathroom at end? it's perfect!

sue says:

The old wood table in the third photograph appears to have served a former purpose. I'm curious about the extension with the dowel at the end. Was it used in textile-making? The aged wood is very appealing with the white-covered chairs.

Sammy says:

One of the things I love about DTI is the way different people pick up on different things in the same post. One loves the tables, another the taps and there's always someone who comments on something I missed and I have to go back and look again. Thanks DTI. Those tiles made me smile.

kb says:

love the black, white, and greens and those white pillars are amazing

Love the Blue tiles! Someone asked where to get something like it. Mercury Mosaics has a line of Moroccan Fish Scale tiles in a LOT of blues and greens.

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