Antony Crolla

Posted on Thu, 29 Sep 2011 by KiM

Portrait, landscape and interior photographer Antony Crolla is a master at composition and light. His photos are beautiful and taken at just the right time of day to take full advantage of sunlight streaming through windows. Lovely.

Cool vintage elements on the first 3 pictures! More of those please! Dining table arrangement on the picture with black and white chairs is also cool!

ernø says:

Lot of things, and the miniature "France boat"

Margas says:

Love the color combination in the last picture. Simply beautiful.

lucie says:

Fantastic pictures, thanks!
Love his work, it is often published in "The World of Interiors" magazine.

peggy says:

I adore the sofa in the 9th photo. Do you know if that's a slip cover?

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