Not so shabby

Posted on Mon, 3 Oct 2011 by midcenturyjo

Not your usual Scandi boho apartment. Not the shabby chic meets edgy urban meets industrial with mid century splashed with neon bright colour/black, grey and wood with square tiles in kitchen and bathroom. (Have I left out any Scandi combinations?) Yes it’s white but think easy elegance. Gustavian. Relaxed traditional. Old world, old money but in a bijou modern apartment. Not your ordinary everyday Scandi boho but instantly recognisable a Swedish none the less. Not so shabby at all. Link here.

What gorgeous Swedish sophistication! certainly a unique look – wonderful and so rich looking but still fresh!

xo Allison
Spicer + Bank

Trina says:

If I lived in Scandinavia, this is exactly what my apartment would look like. I"m too lazy to paint furniture though, so love the fact that some pieces are just "polished" and not painted.

GAbi says:

O i could live there, although it would be a lot messier 🙂

sue says:

Elegant with some dark elements, yet still fresh and crisp with white walls and some light-painted furniture. I think this is one of the best posts, Jo, of Scandinavian homes.

This is also a larger home than typical Swedish apartments. In the second smaller bedroom, they have committed to white, I think, due to the size. There is a method to the madness of the all-white Scandinavian spaces. White makes the space feel larger and they have a lot of dark days so it appears brighter as well.

Let's give the Swedes a break!

polish chick says:

i've said it before and i'll just keep saying it: they know how to do it right, those scandinavians!

selina says:

Right up my street!
And No White Floors! thank you thank you thank you! Not just a show piece but it actually looks like its being lived in by real people.

oregonbird says:

Do we no longer care about balance? The bedroom was beyond thrown together, and the lighting in the living room – heavy chandelier, with an attention-grabbing chain-cover, and a wispy floor lamp? I loved the large art mixed in with the rest, but a little editing would have done wonders. And I wanted to rescue the clock. Dearie me.

The chandelier makes me sick, and there is a lot of good pieces here but I don't think the interior are very well executed. And I'm, as swede, is so tired of the whites. There are a lot of other colours that makes it feel light and bright, and also don't forget tha lightning from lamps, candles, fires.

I love this. I'm currently looking for apartment designs, a mix of white and vintage for a homey feel in the big city. 🙂

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