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Posted on Thu, 20 Oct 2011 by KiM

Favourite closet

Favourite artwork

Favourite light fixture
(and OMG I need to get some black Panton S chairs….I love my white ones but the matte black ones are SO HOT)

Favourite photography

All via Homelife

homestilo says:

These 'favourites' are some great picks. Love the Tom Dixon lamps and herringbone floor in the first image.

Liv says:

Ooooh… that first closet! I could live in there and be perfectly content. Also in agreement about the matte black S chairs, they're more than welcome to come live with me too!

Ahhh, yes! That light fixture paired with the chairs are perfection. The eclectic mix of materials = LOVE IT!!

denise says:

Totally agree with the black S chairs. Beyond desirable.

rooth says:

Gawrsh – that closet is lovely and there is such a difference just because of the light fixtures!

Tasha says:

I loooove that artwork. Who is that by? I've been looking all over. Homelife and Google aren't working for me. Any ideas?

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