Friday stalking 1

Posted on Fri, 18 Nov 2011 by midcenturyjo

Somebody cool built a very cool house in 1967. Somebody cool is now selling this house in 2011. What’s not cool is the price (over $2 million because it is in Toorak in Melbourne) and the fact that it will probably be demolished to build one of the pseudo-French McMansions that are growing like weeds in this very upmarket suburb. I could move in right away if only I had the cash. Love the original kitchen. Would living here make me cool too? 😉 Link here while it lasts.

Lyndsay says:

I hope someone buys it, moves in and just loves it to death, as is – those 4s! So cool.

I wish I have such big space? My room now is just cramped.

polish chick says:

building pretentious mcmansions is a crime against humanity and ought to be punished. the punishment should double when it occurs in lovely mature neighbourhoods. bah! some people have no imagination and that is one cool house!

christa says:

This house is the coolest. Love it. We get all litigious here in California and have made it tough for people to tear down a house like this. People can, however, redecorate a place into utter tackiness with impunity.

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