Serge Mouille lighting

Posted on Fri, 18 Nov 2011 by KiM

On Monday Jo blogged the interior photography of Hallie Burton, and in that post were a couple of photos of a VERY cool light fixture. A reader named Martha asked about it, and I told her it was the creation of Serge Mouille. She noted that since I had already blogged about Jieldé lights (here and here), that I might be up for featuring another French lighting design. I was certainly up for the challenge, as I have coveted Serge Mouille fixtures for some time now. Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be owning one of these beauties anytime soon as they are awfully pricey. Damn.

Peter Margonelli

Elle Decor

Elle Decor




House To Home

Petra Bindel

Elle Decor

Ludlow interior


Michael Moran

Alexandra Angle

MR Architecture + Decor


Erin Martin

AT Casa Meyer Davis
Magnus Marding Jayne Wunder
Yatzer Amy Lau

Shelley says:

Ok, I definitely don't like those in any configuration! Fun to see though.

sue says:

I think the first one is my favorite with the black fixture against all the creamy-white.

christa says:

Oh, interesting. To me they look like a large insect ready to devour you once you sit below them — look out, little girl on the pink sofa!

priscilla says:

I LOVE them. They also remind me of spiders, but in a good Charlotte the spider kind of way.

selina says:

I want one!

Just a leetle too reminiscent of gynecological exams for me…

I used a SM ceiling fixture for a client. LOVE this round up!
xo xo

Martha says:

Aw thanks, Kim! They really are superb pieces of design. What I like about them is precisely their exaggerated shape, like a 50's cartoon come alive, like a Charley Harper or Lucienne Day drawing. And by coincidence I went to see the film "The Skin I Live In" a couple of days ago (which features fabulous interiors *and* it's a great film) and lo and behold a Serge Mouille light was used in the set decoration, stalking me again. Hot damn, I promise I'll buy you one too when I'm rich, Kim!

Fernanda says:

Congratulations, Kim! Nice post and beautiful image choices.
I published a photo of one of his pendents in my blog too, months ago (actually, I'm pretty sure is one of his works, but not 100%…):
By the way, I would be very happy if you make me a little visit 😉

I LOVE these too! I recently picked up a floor lamp from here in NYC for less than $500. It's not a Serge Mouille, but was clearly inspired by him. It's a well-made piece and I'm super happy with it. 🙂

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