More reasons to love Swedish design

Posted on Wed, 7 Dec 2011 by KiM

1 – Swedes know how to work that famous Ikea Stockholm Rang rug (to hide an ugly tile floor)

2 – Swedes know how to highlight rug above with a cool large-scale graphic piece of art

3 – Swedes know how to work funky wallpapers in a dining room

4 – Swedes know how to create a rockin’ display with an amazing collection of pottery (LOVE!!!!)

via Hus & Hem

What is on that chair??? It looks like a mohair something scrumptious throw…that I need…

Janne says:

Wow, that pottery display is fanfuckintastic!!!!

POB says:

i know this is probably obvious to most, but who makes the table in the first picture?

I want some funky wallpaper to mix it up a little 🙂

Danielle Hardy says:

Gorgeous rooms! Love all the bold statements in each photograph!

Always have loved Swedish design, and always will. 😉

Tina says:

That rug is Ikea? I seriuosly like it, wonder if it is still available

I just love that collection of ceramics on the wall – stunning!
Great post, thanks for the inspiration!

polish chick says:

what is on that chair? a sheepskin, that's what. i have one on my couch and my bum loves it very very much.

Laurie Laizure says:

LOVE the walls! Ikea Rocks!

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