Trump Hollywood

Posted on Fri, 9 Dec 2011 by KiM

I am in desperate need of a vacation – well, a break from the chaos that is my life these days anyway. I’d love to spend a few weeks shacked up in this absolutely stunning vacation home in Trump Hollywood, in Florida. The model homes were decorated by award-winning designer Steven G. Here are some detials: The new 5,000+-square-foot Sky Residence, located on the 36th floor, is designed for those desiring the spaciousness of a private home and the luxury lifestyle of a turnkey condominium. The design palate, focusing on earth tones and rich, deep woods, is offset by an elegant travertine marble floor with unique tones of aqua and taupe. All the furniture was custom made for the residence, and a working fireplace in the living room sets a warm mood that is accentuated by magnificent Atlantic Ocean views. Now THAT is HOT

What style. Most people really don't know what to do with their money, and just go for 'big is better'. This house bucks that trend.

Steph says:

This is horrifying. Blocky, heavy, outdated! What's going on, design world?!

Bredlo says:

Trump, huh?
So where's my gold-plated toilet?

Sammy says:

I don't know about the rest of you but when I go on holiday, I want to feel something – other than brown. The view's the best part.

oregonbird says:

It's everything worth objecting to. World's changing. What desire is this supposed to inspire?

polish chick says:

cold. cold. cold.

selina says:

Love the herringbone wall, love the views, loathe the rest. Really not for me.

selina says:

It seems like all property developers have the same taste or perhaps they are copying Trump

So not like Trump – but still not great.
I like the panels in the entrance and the panoramic view (I see I am not alone on that one).
Thanks for posting!

Lisa Ricci Interiors by Steven G says:

Thank you. As the interior designer for Trump Hollywood, we have had tremendous success with selling our furnished models. Our team knows what the market wants. hence the reason for our success.

Thanks again!

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