A bachelor pad

Posted on Wed, 14 Dec 2011 by KiM

Alexandra emailed Jo and I with an interesting request from her boss Kristopher (who turns out is female, so any reference to “bachelor” should really be “bachelorette”). Seems Kristopher hoped we’d be interested in showcasing her apartment. Here are some details provided: The apartment was intended as the home of the manager of the El Royale, a 1929 Spanish Revival apartment building built by the same architect as the famed Chateau Marmount. I always lived as a total bachelor, and the only “decoration” any of my apartments had were books piled on my floor. I became obsessed with this apartment, though, and I ripped up the greige carpet and painted the concrete floor, painted the window frames iron-brown (they were white), replaced the new lighting fixtures with antiques, and installed a rotary phone (which connects directly to the lobby). I am quite smitten with this apartment I must say. The floors look incredible – hard to believe it used to be greige carpet. BLEH. And the windows are TO DIE FOR. Love all the furnishings and the star light fixture in the stairwell. A couple of things I’d do to spruce it up a bit. I’d love to see some of that art hung on the walls instead of sitting in the fireplace (which is another fab detail btw). I’d throw a couple cowhide rugs on the floor (ya, I went there), and hang a huge, extravagant chandelier over the dining table. Or scrap all that and just enjoy the minimalism. Photos via Scott Dukes.



AJ says:

What a great space! Love the use of antique light fixtures and the minimalist look. I agree with the author about the need for art on the walls and a big chandelier over the dining table. The bedroom looks best because there's a bit of color there!

christa says:

Great place. The floors are fine, it's the lack of art that is making it feel sort of blank. A few good, personal pieces is really all that is needed. And maybe a cushion. That bathroom needs a paint job – I vote indigo. And those two floor lamps are simply not working IMHO. Maybe the shades could be swapped for something colorful, but honestly, I think the proportions are just wrong for the room/sofas.

Catherine says:

Such simple yet effective renovations. I love it! I agree about some art on the walls though – it would still retain the minimalist feel, but it would just make it slightly more lively~

Sammy says:

There are some beautiful architectural detailings in this space that coupled with the light make it a knockout. I too would like to see a little more personality. The owner doesn't necessarily have to go the colourful way, some (very) large black and white architectural photos or ethnic portraits would bring in some drama. White lilys or other simple flowers could soften the space without being too feminine. Quite frankly I would not like to dine in the dining room as it is at present. The bedroom is lovely with a good choice of textiles. The owner is obviously a fan of Christian Liaigre's style of calm but just needs to inject a little of his own flair. I find the powder room of a confirmed bachelor intriguing!

oregonbird says:

Yep, close, very close. I love the choice of dining table & bench, that's spectacular, but where there are too many fabulous lighting fixtures in the bedroom – the faux chandy is just too much, a simple fixture is needed there – the lack of lighting pop in the dining room needs to be addressed. Bathroom, perfect. The bed needs changing out, as does the coffee table; both take up too much visual space while being flat and unimaginative. The bedroom cries for a unifying color – the sheers should be orange, behind the white drapes, with an orange throw on the bed, additional large pillows with an orange border, toss a few colored knick-knacks on the shelves. I've no idea why all the pictures are stacked in the fireplace, but the large turquoise and orange painting should be adding a touch of whimsy on the dining room wall.

Katie says:

I think having read the blurb about the place that considering the person living there once had books stacked on the floor, this is a fantastic space and whilst I personally would love to have seen a few bright colour pops here and there I have to say I am jealous of the lack of clutter that I am tripping over in my own place. Great job, love chaise and dining setting!

Mid Mod Tom says:

Very nice. I actually find the baby blue tile in the bathroom a nice reference to childhood for a bachelor

moparbrownstoner@gmail.com says:

This is the ultimate L.A. dream apartment. Classic. The star chandelier really works great here. Love the dressing room and bathroom. So luxurious.

Jasmine says:

This space makes me sad. It's so stark and void of any emotion or whimsy. Amazing bones….just needs a HUGE splash of color and intrigue.

Adam Burtch says:

Reminds me of the apartment Mickey Roarke had in "9-1/2 Weeks" that gave absolutely no clues as to the personality of the occupant – a dead space where a faceless ghost might dwell. Except that the occupant was actually a sadist…

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