Dear Santa I need a teahouse

Posted on Tue, 20 Dec 2011 by midcenturyjo

The holidays have got to me. I admit defeat. My house won’t be decorated, my turkey won’t be, my champagne won’t be French and my christmas cracker hats appear to be plastic… quel horreur (the bad French bit was to cheer up Kim as she approaches her test). The stress. The torture that is the local shopping centre! Do I really need to go back to pick up fresh vegetables a day or so before Christmas? Can we just eat cold ham and roasted potatoes? Dear Santa I need a teahouse at the end of the garden. Somewhere to go to relax, to contemplate, to meditate. Something just like these by Czech designers A1 Architects. Go away holidays! You’ll find me here for the next week or two.

Florina Neagu says:

Indeed it is a beautiful thing…..I lived in Japan for many years and these teahouses are so spectacular. The simplicity, the smell, the colours and the the ceremony itself, are kind of unreal…….. Thank you

Dear Jo

I'm sorry but my hood is too small and the teahouse too heavy, I'm a bit old now. I'll bring it in spare parts over the next 20 years.



oregonbird says:

While I adore the teahouses buried in green nature, I cannot imagine anything better than hiking out through the snow, adding herbs to the fire for the sweet smoke, and curling around a scalding cup to watch snow crystals tumble before the breeze.

sue says:

Jo, this is a lovely post for the holidays.

It can be a reminder that simplicity can be best and the holidays are not about everything being perfect. Family, friends, simple food and an appreciation for nature as opposed to consumerism and overconsumption.

Elena says:

The tea house is amazing. Thank you for this beautiful post and for reminding us to enjoy the simple things, especially this time of the year.

Ruth says:

So beautiful! So inspiring.

Oleg Milliwonka says:


Douglas Wittnebel says:

Such an inspiring pair of teahouses. I also spent some eight years in Japan and am left with a reverence for these special spaces…


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