Reader’s small kitchen remodel

Posted on Fri, 23 Dec 2011 by midcenturyjo

Linn emailed us a little while ago with her cool kitchen remodel.

“I really just wanted to share some before and after pictures of my tiny kitchen which my husband and I spent a few weeks remodeling. Our small bungalow is from 1946 and it has a rather tiny kitchen which we wanted to preserve the integrity of, yet update and give a new fresh feel. We installed a black and white (marble and granite) checkerboard floor, refinished the old wooden cabinets and drawers, installed a stainless steel counter and tiled the walls with subway tile all the way to the ceiling. We did all of this ourselves on a budget of little over $6000 (including buying new appliances).”

Befores then afters… obviously 🙂 Great job Linn and Linn’s other half! Check out all the details on her blog The Home Project.

Jodi says:

I love it, they did a great job!!!!

It is so charming. I love a black and white floor! All white is so clean and refreshing. Well done, I know that was a lot of work.

christa says:

Wow. What an improvement, great job! I love small kitchens, it forces one to be organized and efficient, which a kitchen should always be. If it were me, I would have done a different floor because I don't like a lot of contrast in a small space, but that's my own bias and I suspect, a minority opinion. Very lovely kitchen.

Tom says:

Looks good!

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