Favourite bedrooms of 2011 – part 1

Posted on Fri, 6 Jan 2012 by KiM

Sing says:

Nice picks.

oregonbird says:

I like that many of the choices reflect a bohemian flair. The darkly mysterious bedroom is… very dark indeed. And once again, I'm reminded that I do not own a tulip table, and so my life is empty.

That chocklaty-mulberry carpeting in the first pic is /capslock/ cheap and horrible /uncapslock/ looking!

Thank you for the great photos and choices! Love the color palettes, so rich but subtle. I would be happy with any one of those bedrooms!

Nelly says:

I feel honoured to see one of our bedrooms in your selection of favourites! Thank you! Absolutely love pretty much every images above.

Lucinda says:

Just as I've finished setting up my all-white bedroom that dark bedroom almost shakes my resolve.

These are all stunning!! Thanks so much for the post! Such great ideas!

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