David Prince +2

Posted on Mon, 16 Jan 2012 by midcenturyjo

True love….. again. We’ve featured photographer David Prince‘s work before. We’ve simpered and praised, declared his work the best, sworn our undying love… then forgotten him and moved on to other photographer crushes. What was I thinking! New work since our last foray into Prince’s portfolio. Love the boho, easy elegance that is creeping into the shots. The earthiness, the softer light, the exploration of the imperfect. The man’s a genius. Mea culpa. I should not have strayed.

Sarah says:

Raw, monochromatic, industrial … what more is there!! Sets my heart a flutter!

I like how these are kind of lived in, comfortable, but still highly edited and just basically cool. I can imagine the person who would live here, someone earthy and hip and just stylish and a little bohemian. I love the whole vibe!

I am in love! especially the black pillowcases!

oregonbird says:

Someone worth emulating, just a bit? I think I can see a touchof this photographer's magic in your pics for your up-coming blog!

The last image, with the shadow boxes inside of shadow boxes, is great to look at. It looks a bit like an puzzle waiting to be constructed.

Ingrid says:

Very nice work! I would love to live in a place like this!

TK says:

The beauty of this photographer's work is that, as his pictures where always of a very high quality, he succeeds in bringing them every time again to a newer and higher level. Bravo!


He has a good eye and has captured beautiful images. We also posted images of a photographer. You might like her work. Check it out!

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