Stalking warehouse déjà vu

Posted on Thu, 26 Jan 2012 by midcenturyjo

You’ve seen this Surry Hills warehouse before. You’ve “oohed” and “aahed” over it here on the blog. It was shortlisted for the 2011 Australian Interior Design Awards. You saw it here remember? Ah yes! Now you remember. Certainly looks a little different. More lived in. More cluttered. Not so beautifully styled and squeaky new but still the same wonderful bones created by Hare + Klein Interior Design. If like me you wanted to move straight in when you first saw it then you are in luck. It’s up for sale. Link here while it lasts. I’d just need to make it a little bit more like it was in the original story 😉

geisslein says:

this is so great! I love it!

TK says:

Yes! Want it! Right now! Ah… $1.550.000,- Ehm. Could I still think it over?

Georgina says:

I think I like it better with a little clutter in. I prefer houses that look as though people live there. Amazing homes, not show-homes.

Daniel says:

Hi, LOVE IT! Especially the bathroom!! Have a great day!!

Frank says:

those aeron chairs look really out of place. unless that's meant to be a small conference table?

Alexandra says:

I def. like it a lot better in the other pictures…I guess it's because it's three stories, but it looks a lot smaller than the listing says it is.

sue says:

Very warm and earthy home. The bedroom and bath are especially appealing with the timber on the ceiling painted white.

I would like to see the same treatment in the rest of the home. It would feel more fluid and bright.

The original wood floors and the timber island are awesome.

Vanessa says:

i really love the rustic charm of the not so perfect timbers. the bedroom and bathroom are my least fav, too new lol. but i love the decor, the vivid orange painting is lovely too…

Poochie Lou says:

It is lovely, although I agree, some of the furniture doesn't really suit the space. Unfortunately, $1.5m won't buy you much in Surry Hills these days. Rumour has it they want $5m for it…

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