A few quick DIYs

Posted on Fri, 3 Feb 2012 by KiM

I was meandering around one of my favourite Swedish blogs, Annaleena’s HEM, and came across a few simple and awesome DIY projects she’s blogged lately that I had to share.

First, how about writing words on a wall using rope lighting…

Or a simple clothing rack using copper piping and some cable (this one actually comes from Ivania @ Love Aesthetics)

And last but not least, covering a vase with bubble wrap, for something a little unexpected.

WHAT WHAT WHAT? what could the point of bubblewrapping vases possibly be

M says:

Eek. I agree with Alex. It's not at all attractive. None of these options are really.

I like the copper pipe! That would look really nice in a walk in closet!

Marianne says:

Love the writing in rope lights. I've been holding on to some rope lights for just this purpose- just need to get around to doing it!

Jules says:

Like the rope light (kind of something I'd do in a dorm room) but the bubble wrap… well let's just say it isn't my taste but others may like it. Maybe if the bubble wrap had been wrapped tightly and neatly against the edge of the vase like a second skin…

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