47 Park Avenue

Posted on Sun, 4 Mar 2012 by KiM

Instead of doing my usual blog favourites of late post today, at the last minute I decided to instead feature one really inspiring blog instead. I heard about 47 Park Avenue a while back via an email from one of its creators, Michael, an owner of London based locations company Shoot Factory. Michael and his partner Jonathan purchased 47 Park Avenue in May of last year, a stunning home (with 3 reception rooms! 5 bedrooms!) that was desperately in need of some wallpaper removal, paint jobs, walls knocked out and pretty much a complete overhaul. They’ve been working very hard to get their home out of the 50’s and into the new millennium and while still a work in process, what has been accomplished so far is incredible. The vintage furniture and lighting they have sourced is all TO-DIE-FOR, and everything being painted black and white is just right-on. And their dogs are too cute! Their blog and the progress on their home is a must-follow. (I had to include some before photos so you get the full effect of the transformation).

steve mawson says:

that's a home in a time warp. something akin to retutning to visit the grandparents – and which took a lot of time and dedication to create. interesting.

Margas says:

They have done an amazing job. Great sense of style!

Madelene says:

Love the leather sofa with the dog in it:) anyone knows where its from? Or where i can find a similar one? M

Annika says:

Beautiful… Yes, don't be afraid to paint that timber..it works a treat.. What a difference !

oregonbird says:

I can't help remembering all the period homes that fell into rockstar hands in the 1960's, gutted and tricked out with all the very latest. I love modern decorating, it's exactly what's needed to heal styleless boxes and devolved architecture … but in 30 years, the new owner is going to be cursing as they try to bring some sense of the gracious past back. But it is very well done, and the dogs are cute.

Really a good job! Love the after!

This is unbelievable. I love it all! Share it today over at my blog:)

Hello Kim…THANK YOU so much for your very kind words…Both Jonathan and I where SHOCKED! SURPRISED! and very much DELIGHTED…

Leone says:

Ack, the furniture! TO-DIE-FOR is right. What an amazing job they've done.

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