New from Domus Nova (#3)

Posted on Thu, 15 Mar 2012 by KiM

This is the last home for today from Domus Nova, and seems to be the least oddball of the bunch. Except it has a large hippo bar in the living room….and a quirky Ron Arad Paperdelle bronze chair (that’s like a chair and a runner in one!) near the front door….and a weird porthole thing in the floor with matching skylight….

Kevin says:

It's interesting how light and livable this place seems even with all of the concept furniture and art. It's that rare occasion that I can look at a place with a ton of great art and imagine children living there.

Annie says:

I agree the spaces are very liveable, and the furnishings are pretty cool!

However, I'm not sure I could live in the same house as, or sit in the same room as, the painting where someone giant seems to be watching you from behind the painting. It creeps me out just in these photos. I can imagine in real life it's even more creeptacular!

Love the open space in the first two photographs! Haha that bar is awesome! Love the artwork throughout, so unique!

Oregonbird says:

The porthole thingie is right where you'd stand to look at the picture. So human nature being what it is, mostly people wouldn't. Seems a lot of money spent to separate the daredevils from the conventional! Wonderful colors and proportions in the lower pics. The chair/runner is fun, but a bit intrusive — and the top pics, while cute, seem to be of a room where the owner said "Oh no, the rug hasn't been delivered! Just put them down, and I'll figure out where to put everything tomorrow."

midcenturyjo says:

The "porthole" is part of the skylight system. Often the only way to let light down into lower floors of old houses especially terrace houses is to have a glass insert in the floor below the roof skylight so the floor below gets natural light as well. Been quite trendy here in terrace house renos for a while especially in Sydney. More often they will be rectangular.

Caroline says:

I am afraid that similar to the previous posts from this designer I do not like the placement of the living room furniture (first two pictures). Who wants to sit on that couch and chairs 'miles' apart with a big empty space in between?
Also I do not like the fireplace and the grey colour of the kitchen cabinets and the blue colour of the wall. It feels 'eighties' and a bit cold.

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