Stalking a farmhouse in Texas

Posted on Thu, 15 Mar 2012 by midcenturyjo

I’m real estate stalking a little further afield today. All the way to the Lone Star State. How about this cute as a button 100 year old farmhouse on 8 acres outside of Austin? AND it’s in wine country. AND it has a chicken coop and veggie patch. I think you all know I have a thing for country cottages for weekend getaways or even a complete tree change. Big thanks to Nettie for the link. You’ll find it for sale here.

Cassie says:

Omg I die. This house is my dreaaaaaammmmmmmmm. I am drooling and totally wishing I could have this home. Loovvvee

Oregonbird says:

Obviously staged, but really well staged. Good bones, great shelving. And I'd live in the coop.

eileen says:

actually, not staged. this is the house the way these folks live in it! it's specatacular!

Lori E says:

Drool….we have a cabin that I would like to see finished in this style.

nettie says:

Not staged!!! really! All homeowners furniture, just very clean. 🙂

rooth says:

Oh, I love this place! And in my home state too – YES!

Does the picture of a pear have a relaxing effect that i don't know?

KimberlyRose says:

Oregonbird, I'm curious why you think it looks staged. Apart from the sets of books on the one shelf, it just looks like an organized, clean house to me.

Steph says:

My first thought was, I wish this sweet old home was actually in the Austin city limits. Old homes in Austin are hard to get. I live here and dream of living in an old home. Come to find out, it was in Austin but was moved out of town. Too bad.

nine says:


can we gather a bunch of people we know to purchase and then time-share? how much is it going for, just out of curiosity?

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