My weird little space down the bottom of my stairs

Posted on Thu, 22 Mar 2012 by midcenturyjo

I’m not finished… but this is the strange little space which is part entry hall/part useless area in my new old house. We only ever pass across it or turn to climb the stairs. With no money to spend I pasted up some old book pages and moved in some vintage furniture from other rooms. It definitely needs more finessing but you can hear me whine about it discuss it over on Jo’s Page. Maybe when I go back to work and earn some money in the next few weeks I can make it a bit more presentable. At least that’s an incentive to go back to work 😉

marija says:

So stylish.

Meredith says:

I love it. It looks so cozy. I would probably read there everyday.

– Meredith

Finished? Don't know that word…

I love the wall paper paper wall, and the picture, you have given your orphan space vitality.

Patrycja says:

I love what you did on the walls – I remember the debate about fake bookcase wallpaper – this looks awesome.

Hi, love it, so cool!! Go work!!

rooth says:

I like what you did with the walls. I'm still searching for a good reading chair

Deb says:


nat says:

i love it! and it really inspires me…we've been talking a lot about "real spaces" and spaces we live in…and just starting and putting it out there.
You've started how YAY
(and I want to steal that chair…pleassssse?)

midcenturyjo says:

Thanks everybody! The main thing about this space was that I had no money to spend and a desperate itch to do something to it. Whole thing cost me less than $25 … and lots of gluing individual pages.

stephanie says:

I LOVE the use of the old book pages! What a special little space!

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