Stalking warehouses with cute little courtyards

Posted on Fri, 23 Mar 2012 by midcenturyjo

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE a warehouse conversion. I love the space and the industrial remnants, the soaring ceilings and the often inner city location. It’s gritty luxury and oh so hip but… sometimes, just sometimes you need a little green space, an outdoor area to sit and see the sky and smell the smog fresh air. Now this warehouse has the perfect courtyard. I’d like to see this one in person. I have a feeling that its limited colour palette is a lot more serene and elegant than the photos suggest. But maybe, just maybe I’d throw a little dash of colour here or there. Link here while it lasts.

Johanna says:

The tiled sink in amazing! WOW! I would also love to have the outdoor water feature!

Janne says:

Awesome…I wanna live in a warehouse too!! Always wanted to…sadly there aren't any here where I live…

Orregonbird says:

I like it, its beautiful; its just a little *too* converted for me. Although the glassed garage, and the glassed-in deck off the bedroom… you gotta give props for the decadence. A few more pops of blood-red, and– yeah. Still, the garage conversion was it for me. No need to look any further, really.

I'm being seduced by the blank cupboarding of kitchen space. You've shown it several times, and at first it was just too impersonal to attract me – almost anti-kitchenesque – but in this atmosphere, the chic and serene mode, it really does work. Maybe if I put a bird on it…

Gorgeous place. I'm loving that outdoor space though.

I like how open and simple the rooms are but I'm not a fan of concrete floors in a home.

big wow!
Love all the brick, concrete and white. Great conversion, yet maintains the exterior shell of the warehouse.
I see Orregonbird's point, but I think the refurb has been done beautifully
x kat

Hello!! I love this post. I love warehouses. I want to live in one. My husband and I are moving to Los Angeles for grad school in July. We have been frantically looking a warehouse converted place because he is a musician and and he wants to be able to play without having people below or above us (like in an apartment) to complain. I know this might sound odd…but do you have any idea where we can find one in studio city, san fernando valley, west hollywood, burbank area?? Help appreciated very much. we are running out of time and getting a bit desperate. Please HELP! Thanks a million. 😀


Eric Bola says:

Amazing conversion job. It even manages to put in a cute and easily-accessible garage.

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