Glimpse at a houseboat

Posted on Tue, 10 Apr 2012 by KiM

Jansje sent us a peek at another one of her photography projects – this time a houseboat in Amsterdam. (Check out previous posts of her photos here). The owner, who is in one of the photos, has done the rebuilding of this houseboat himself, and happens to be an interior designer (see his basic website). I think living in a houseboat would be a blast! When I first saw houseboats up in Yellowknife (that was back in my university days) I was mesmerized. Coincidentally I saw an episode of House Hunters yesterday where someone was looking for a houseboat in Seattle and was reminded what a cool lifestyle that would be….especially if you can take your house out for a spin down the river!

What a wonderful home. I dream of life on the water like this and always walking passed the stunning house boats nearby here in Copenhagen so that I can dream away a little!

GavyWCD says:

I love this house…modern, essential but full of style!

rooth says:

This house boat is really cool – I like seeing the diverse way that people live and how they're able to squeeze all the necessary "house" components into a limited space

April says:

I JUST saw that ep of House Hunters last night and thought to myself, how funny…Yellowknife is full of them, I can see them from my living room right now. I live in Yellowknife and our houseboats are absolutely beautiful and the houseboat community is even more so. Did you live in Yellowknife??

I think it would be so pretty and fun to live on a houseboat! And seeing these photographs makes me want to so much more 😉

KiM says:

@April – OMG a Yellowknifer!
My dad worked for DIAND for many years before his retirement….he had to move there for work when I started Uni ('95) and my family (minus my twin and I) lived there for 3 years (well, my dad lived there for 4). My twin and I spent the summers there – thankfully I never got to experience winter. It was beautiful in the summer – nothing like getting out of a late movie with the sun still out! The houseboats were SO COOL – lots of funky ones back then.

Rob says:

The houseboats here in Yellowknife are still alive and well. What I thought you might be interested in is that all over Yellowknife you now see such amazing architecture. There are so many modern and exciting homes that if you ever have a chance they could take up multiple pages of posts! We even have a house shaped like a teepee:)

KiM says:

Rob – send me some photos!!!

Fantasy House Boat says:

Lovely! I love house boats. It might be because we own a yacht and my parents take us cruising during summer. I'm so impressed! Thanks for the share!

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