It’s Jo’s birthday!!!

Posted on Wed, 11 Apr 2012 by KiM

Today (the 12th in Oz time) is Jo’s birthday, and this year IT’S A DOOSY. Doosy in that she needs to get plastered to make it through the day. Since she’s 14 hours ahead, I thought I had better post this now before the day is over for her. I am sending her a parcel which will hopefully be filled up by the weekend, and while I wish I could afford some of the goodies over at 1STDIBS.COM, here are some things they currently have listed that I thought were wacky enough for my dear friend and best blogger buddy. 😉

Pair of 60’s horned sheep, complete with real lambswool and horns. Mickey the golden Lab can have 2 new buddies!

Carrera marble statue called “The Pill”, by Alma Allen. At your age Jo, you’re going to need lots of pills to make it through the day so why not pay hommage to THE PILL.

Pair of polymer Michelin men sculptures. To remind you to stay fit. 

Late 19th century fabric on metal mushroom stool. Dear gawd this is hideous. Would make the rest of your furniture look like a million bucks.

1960’s Italian clay Cardinal bookends. Now Jo, I know you’d love to get your hands on these, as ridiculous as they are, because you have a thing for religious trinkets. 

1980’s resin and chromed nails sculpture. Because you wish you were this cool in the 80’s. 

Cement teddy sculpture by LA based artist Valerj Pobega. A reminder, in CEMENT, that you’re not a youngster anymore.

Cast iron swan bench reupholstered in Fornasetti ‘Gerusalemme by Day’ fabric. (Like covering this awful bench in a fancy designer fabric makes it any less awful). Don’t old ladies have a thing for swans? Or is it pink flamingos?

Pair of Art Nouveau double arm bronze sconces. To remind you that your boobs will never look that perky ever again (or your abs).

Bag vase by Tapio Wirkkala with glazed celadon interior encased in a ceramic exterior. I don’t know what to say about this, but stick some billy buttons in here and call it a day. 

A big pig ottman, made out of likely leather from a cow. Perhaps another reminder to try and stay fit. 

Cast aluminum operating room lamp with 5 lenses and relfectors. For that kinky side of you. 😉 Or to inspect all the new grey hairs and wrinkles. 

Vintage parachute light fixture. For the day you decide you’ve had it with that old house of yours, you can turn this light on and watch it all go up in flames. 

Italian 50’s sofa in the form of cupped hands. When your hubby does not have the energy, just climb on top of this baby and it’ll cop you a feel. 

But in all seriousness, I’d rather just ship you this 1950s Gala chair by Franco Albini to go with your stools. 🙂

Maureen says:

Happy Birthday Jo! With your quirky sense of humor, you'll never be a day over 40 😀 To many more good ones. From the city in the sun, Nairobi, Kenya.

Happy Birthday, Jo! I'd go for the swan bench.

Cata says:

Happy birthday Jo!! (I just read the post, so a day late…) I hope you got lots of presents!!! 😉 Since you post beautiful presents for us every day.

Cata says:

Oops!! just realized I read it on time!! hahahah HBTY!!!!! Hilarious post!

Annie says:

Happpppyyy birthday!!!!! Make it a GREAT one!

Think about it this way: you more than likely have to live it all again! here's to 50 more!

Happy B-day Jo 🙂 Have a great one! xx

Mariela says:

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful time!.

Jennie says:

PLASTERED for sure! LOL'd post…. Happy Birthday Jo!

midcenturyjo says:

Thanks again everyone! I had a lovely day but we have to do it all over again on Saturday as it's my husband's 50th birthday then. Yes I married a younger man!

zeljko says:

Happy Birthday Yo from Croatia!
You are simply great!!

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