Swedish neutral apartment

Posted on Wed, 18 Apr 2012 by KiM

My twin sister sent me a link to an awesome little Swedish apartment for sale. According to the photo of the plans it’s a studio but has all the amenities – decent sized kitchen, a great built-in desk, lounge chair for TV watching, washer/dryer and a balcony. What’s even better is the decor – it’s everything I’m obsessing with these days – black/white/touches of wood, industrial lighting, white tiles with dark grout, linen…..

rooth says:

This is really lovely – I'm loving the fireplace and the unexpected warmth from it

Russell says:

I love the tile in that kitchen!

Molly says:

This does not look like a studio at all! It seems enormous.
Beautiful use of monotones and industrial lighting without making it look cold or uninviting.
Great blog, thank you.
Best wishes, The Llustre Team

Elin says:

Cool black and white combination. Use wood truly highlights the space, love it! Let's 'pin' this. 🙂

Wauw – great style..totally love the industrial-look in the kitchen

selina says:

Incredibly smart use of space! so much style in so little space, impressive! Whoever buys it will have a surprise once the current owner has removed all their belongings

Markuss says:

Hipster shit

Gawker says:

I like how much bigger it seems, but it really does look like a 19 year old college kids apartment…

Rifraf says:

The Swedes get it right…again and again and again. Great post 🙂

Kit says:

So… do people in Sweden leave all their belongings in the apartment when they sell it ?!?

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