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Posted on Fri, 20 Apr 2012 by midcenturyjo

Can you tell I’m back at work? My real estate stalking has increased. Two houses. Both in Melbourne. One a small house in Fitzroy. The other what appears to be a converted commercial building in Caulfield. One a casual almost thrown together house with wrinkled beds and water droplets on the shower screen. The other styled and styled and styled. Cool but I need to take some cushions off the bed, ditch the throws, roll up some of those hides and take those words out of the kitchen. The first house I want to iron the bedspread. The second I want to rumple it. Links here and here while they last.

Esz says:

The first one is great – I love those all the timber and the kitchen is great. The second one on the other hand is only (barely) saved by the styling. Take out all the furniture and it's a pretty boring reno. They could have done a lot more with those lovely bones 😉

I don't agree. Both are great – thay are just totally different! 🙂

Leone says:

J'adore the first one. To bits. The second one leaves me cold. The hides need to go.

rooth says:

Both houses have some GREAT art on the walls, I think

kevin says:

I agree. the first one is turnkey ready. I wouldn't mind if they left the photography either. The other one definitely had a stager who over egged the textile pudding.

oregonbird says:

I'm with the party of four. The first place is good, the second rather lamentable. The narrow counter in the kitchen — with the single burner across accomodation of the stove? Wow. Modern kitchens don't need the traditional deep cupboards — and the resultant countertops. This is what modern kitchens should be going for.

Do you know the brand of the stove?

Susan says:

The first one is just ok. But the kitchen looks really appealing with its wooden work and airy atmosphere. But what I liked the most is the courtyard with its white furniture and curtain. A perfect setting for a sunday brunch.

Scott says:

Those copper lights are a million kinds of awesome.

I prefer the first house, I love how the outside totally contradicts the interior. The price tag kills me though! Probably more feasible for a place in Ballarat ( i have a hankering for Ballarat) . Houses like this makes me feel like anything is possible 🙂

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