Alia Bengana – part 2

Posted on Thu, 19 Apr 2012 by KiM

This next project by architect Alia Bengana is quite different from the previous one. It’s a 450 square metre home in Algiers, designed to preserve the existing greenery as much as possible: thus the main entrance located along a stone wall which penetrates inside a double-height space, is carried out by climbing stairs directly in line with a palm tree which is viewed in its entirety through a glass wall. All the entrances of the houses have been designed as paintings open to the surrounding nature, framed by palm trees, orange trees or yuccas. I love it when architects pay this much attention to the beauty of the surroundings and frame the views within the structure. Brilliant.

Shannah says:

LOVE the effect of the palm tree through the glass wall… the exterior of this home is beautiful as well.

Carmel says:

I love with this place, amazing!!

selina says:

Hello dream home! 😉

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