Another Mauricio Arruda home

Posted on Thu, 3 May 2012 by KiM

Yesterday I featured a home designed by Maurício Arruda but I love his work so I could not stop at just one. Here’s another I found in his portfolio. It’s got a cool spiral staircase – I’ve always had a fascination with those. The humongous wall unit in the living room is a bit much for me (too overpowering) but I am smitten with everything else. 

Thiago from Brasil says:

This apartment is so cool! He is one of the most amazing designer from Brasil! I like Guto Requena's works too!

oregonbird says:

That kitchen is a bit antiquated-looking. Those floor tiles are depressing, and the overlay of rugs? It's as if there was a sink overflow to soak up! I'm a bit afraid to wonder what the giant black circle in the bedroom contains. All in all, the cabinetry in every room gives a sense of datedness and cost-cutting. Everything is so off-kilter.

WyGal says:

Me loves the couch and the bedroom rug. Everything else….nah. 🙂

Ann says:

This is beautiful. The black color just makes the room look so strong.


Sarah says:

What is the round piece in the bedroom? Is that where the staircase comes in?

Jamie says:

Loves these pictures. Does anyone know what the art is in the first picture? (The one that looks like a pop art version of an apple). Any idea where a print of something like that could be purchased?


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