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Posted on Sat, 12 May 2012 by midcenturyjo

Mel Munroe lives in Culver City, California. Mel lives in a 210 square foot apartment. (I had to convert it to square meters for it to sink in just how small that is. It’s 19.5) Mel lives small. More importantly Mel lives large. She has put all her skills from her day job as a visual merchandiser and freelance product designer to work here in her little home. Could you do it? Could you live in under 20 square meters? More importantly could you live large in a small home just like Mel?

Thanks to Mel and Jermaine Saunders for the photos!

Cussot says:

Bravo to Ms. Munroe for staying creative in such a small space. It takes commitment to do stuff like sew when you can't shut the door on it and walk away.

AMR says:

Very lovely.
The number on the door made me laugh though. The builders originally planned just 43 apartments in the building…but then thought "Wait a minute! We could make the units SUPER TINY and multiply the number by 1,000!!"

Have you noticed that small shelf next to the bathroom doors? OMG! This is what I call the prefect use of space. The most striking of all is that given the size of her apartment she keeps it tidy, organised and she can still find a place for decorations! I'm just wowed and speechless.

Luciana says:

Absolutely amazing! Tastefully done with a lot of personality. I am in awe of the use of space and the perfect balance between beauty and functionality.
It is not about if we can live there or not, this is about making the most of what you have. You look at the pictures and just know that someone very cool (and super talented) live in it. Congrats!!!

Carmel says:

I'd love to know the script of what she has written on her wall, can't quite read it.

Mel proves that even the teensiest of places can be made beautiful and functional. I love it when I see people put their money into their interior design rather than into gargantuan houses with more space than anyone needs. Way to go, Mel!

Leone says:

Dear Lord, this is so well done. I don't know that I could live in such a small space, but kudos for doing it so well! Very, very impressive and very inspiring as well.

Oh wow! Small but mighty! Mel has definitely made the most of this space – I couldn't do it.
p.s. No kitchen sink? Does she do all her dishes in the bathroom? Does she eat out all the time? Although – the mini stove/oven combo seems like it would be functional.

Bravo, bravo bravo ! Un petit espace qui est vraiment bien pensé et joli.

JUURI says:

Flawless design and use of a small space! I adore it. This is about the size of most Tokyo apartments, where I'm from. I love this because it shows how cool and chic your life can be with minimal stuff. I hate clutter and needless possessions!

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