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Posted on Tue, 15 May 2012 by KiM

I’m so glad I stumbled upon the portfolio of Dallas-based Nest Interior Design (I was informed by Beth Dotolo that she is now operating as Pulp Design Studios with her partner Carolina Gentry) in my recent internet travels. Their style rocks – it’s a bit modern, with a healthy dose of colour and pattern to keep you interested, creating dramatic spaces that wow but don’t overwhelm. I want that yellow desk and chair, and the artwork over the fireplace. Photos by Kevin Dotolo.

naomi says:

Where is the blue rug from in the first picture? Been looking everywhere for this rug in the UK and have had no joy!

Bathrooms are the best, ohh and that home office 🙂

Tony says:

Interesting furnishings and use of color…I like the eclectic feel of it. And that greenhouse dining area is terrific. Love the long neck vase collection.

WOW! Currently swooning over all of these rooms, loving the artwork in the first photo, the blue couch and the bathroom with the yellow mirror!

oregonbird says:

Most of the time, I'm pretty 'meh' about design firms. I mean, however innovative they might claim to be, you still get the basic couch/chairs/sidetables/fireplace set-up, with more or less leopard skin or tasteful landscape. But this is good! I like the reach towards the almost-awkward, the off-kilterness. Circles showing up where rectangles are scheduled, restraint where rococo seems to be called for, and a really subtle play with proportions and period-specific colors. Who would look into a shower installation and expect to see an egg tub? The murphy bed room is probably my favorite – a rich investment in traditional form – which the business seems to favor – but clunk! in comes a modern-pitch chandelier to echo the rug, and delicate chairs to do triple duty – lighten the atmosphere, extend the traditional flavor, and of course, stand in for bedside tables. This is what design should look like.

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