Putting life in the garden with Garden Life

Posted on Tue, 22 May 2012 by midcenturyjo

“We endeavour to create spaces that people want to spend time in. Spaces to relax in, rejuvenate in and enjoy, because that’s what gardens are about. They exist to make people happy.”

If I owned the pool in the first few pictures I’d be ecstatic. Bold contrasts, lush foliage and a glass edged pool transform a small inner city space into a tropical retreat. Fabulous urban gardens by Sydney landscape firm Garden Life.

loulou ste-adele says:

Lush. Simple. Green. And the bigger pots impact. Everything is inspiring in these images. Thanks. Louise

Annika says:

Beautiful…love the first one. Please tell me where, where, where.. can I find the outdoor shower head in the third photo??

Chelsea says:

These are stunning. I love that first pool…wow. These summers have me dreaming of a summer garden party, city style.

Love that house in Whale Beach, that is some prime outdoor design 😉

woooo Original the first one. J'aime beaucoup.

Julia says:

I am sorry, but this first pool puzzles me exeedingly: How can you enter? I can see no door in the glass – in fact it seems so enclosed that it is not fit for use (although beautiful) I would be grateful if anyone could point out to me how this works in practice.

midcenturyjo says:

Julia you can just see the glass gate in the very left of pictures 2 and 3. Hiding a bit behind the big leafed plant. The latch (looks like it is magnetic) is just visible but the hinges will be on the wall out of view of the camera, probably because they are a bit ugly. I can't see a pool gate lock but perhaps it was not there for the picture or it wasn't up to code when they took the picture and was put on later. You can see the line of the two pieces of glass. So it looks like you step from the paving onto a stepping stone set in a groundcover, open the glass gate in the glass fence, step onto the timber decking then up 2 stairs to where the 2 pillows are. Hope that helps a bit.

Linda Megdanis says:

The glass around the pool is open on the inner side where the long wooden seating & pillows are…unless there is a dark sliding glass door on that side, there must be an entrance to the area on the opposite side out of the view of he camera..in that case you could walk around to the seating deck and enter the pool from there..

jonesy says:

The pool area looks amazing can you tell me who designed and made the pool? It is something similar to what I'd like. Thanks

Maurita says:

I LOVE ALL of these! How do we get Garden Life in the US? And more information on the photos & plants pictured??

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