Reader’s home – Linn’s mom’s sunroom and patio

Posted on Fri, 8 Jun 2012 by KiM

I’ve got one last reader’s home to share this week. It’s actually a reader’s mom’s home. We received this email from Linn: I recently came back after visiting family in Sweden. My mom lives on the Baltic island of Gotland where she lives in a picturesque house, and the sunroom and patio in particular are just lovely. In the sunroom there is plenty of light and she has a huge dining table with room for many, classic Swedish rag rugs on the floor as well as other comfortable furniture and nice details. The sunroom leads directly out to a stone patio where there is a cement wall with real windows that block the wind, lots of candles and lanterns, and a great view. All in all, this space is just so charming and comfortable to spend time in, I’m beyond jealous myself! I’m jealous too! I am especially fond of the huge patio with the walls that make it look like another room of the home. I would spend every moment of decent weather out there. And it’s extra gorgeous with the candles and string of lights.

Oregonbird says:

Only thing missing is the fireplace set into one of those outer walls. The personal style is impeccable.

Andi says:

This is horrendous! Why on earth would this be on a decor blog?????

Maria says:

I love the patio with the wall and windows! There is nothing like a nice summer evening/night by the baltic sea in Scandinavia!

AML says:

I love the look of the sun room.The theme is inspiring; the home owner personal style is really reflected from the rugs, the furniture and the lighting.Thanks for the idea!

It's quite shambolic inside but the patio area is nice, reminds me of a country b&b. And eco-friendly too, wind turbines in the background 😉

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