A couple random spaces I love

Posted on Tue, 3 Jul 2012 by KiM

Sheepy says:

oh, love the lovely dreamy Victoria's room <3 and the wall covered in pictures, I'm trying to do someting like that in my room 🙂 but those golden chairs look very uncomfortable.

pamela says:

I love that table and those chairs are amazing. Something about the warmth of the brass with the crisp, clean lines of the chairs is just perfect! Thanks for sharing!

Mythjen J. Trias says:

Hold the table please. Somehow the bust got into my vision first. Round tables have been a fixture in each of my family members' homes. Must be in the genes.

Anyway, the design is fabulous and breath-taking, I recommended it to a friend in the furniture business who's looking for a central design.

Thanks for te pictures.

Michel Herold Design is wonderful. But I wonder how comfortable the chair would be!

Jessica says:

The blue is amazing!!

Oregonbird says:

I hope that is the little girl's room.

I feel like I'd fall right through those chairs in the first.

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