Gray Organschi

Posted on Wed, 11 Jul 2012 by KiM

The firm of Gray Organschi Architecture is based in New Haven, Connecticut has a portfolio that is total eye candy and such a wide variety of randomness. They’ve designed a footbridge, a storage barn, a firehouse converted into a music studio, a converted church, garden pavillions (VERY cool; see last three photos of this post) and many more. Here are some of my favourite of their residential work.

oregonbird says:

Oh no… oh no no no — it's back, it's HERE!


🙂 Say, can I just camp outside one of these places? Any one, they're all so mellow. The euro-style kitchen… mmm. I promise, I won't watch while anyone's, yknow… its really, really important to not have a full glass wall, in the occasional room. I can't stress that enough.

LOVE! Wow.. And i just love how in each room it has it's 'key' statements, but the rest of the room is kept minimal and simple.

ula says:

I like white bedroom

Adrian says:

Hi, I'm very interested on this work, i think Gray's designs use a very effective unifying composition within the main construction and the surroundings, creating a visually relaxing environment to live in. I'm a an architecture student on SCAD University, taking Design 1 at the moment. I invite you to see my work on my blog at and perhaps give me some advise if possible.

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