Bronnie Masefau

Posted on Tue, 17 Jul 2012 by midcenturyjo

Australian interior designer Bronnie Masefau‘s work is all about the family. In fact she embraces it whole heartedly. Home as sanctuary, home as hearth, home as centre of it all. It’s about gathering at the kitchen table to share meals and life stories, leaving the outside world at the door, homework spread across desks, someone practicing musical scales in a family room. Nothing precious in her designs except those who live in them and that makes them very special.

Inspiring rooms & solutions, very nice atmosphere throughout. Thanks for sharing 🙂

loulou ste-adele says:

ohhhh how I love these interiors….. warm, cozy, real, lived-in, inviting. And a lots of ideas that inspire me.

Ana B. says:

While I was reading the post, I was thinking …I don't know which photo choose for Pinterest. I love her work!

Georgia says:

While I loved all of these rooms (especially the carpets and raw wood), I was so annoyed by all the cushions primped tht way. Makes me want to run around the house banging them together to get a more natural shape. When I see rooms like that, it bugs me so much that I find it hard to ficus on anything else…just me then?

Deb says:

I totally agree, Georgia! I was just about to comment on the cushions when I read yours. Really irritating… right up there with filling a room with every piece of iconic 20th century furniture that will fit, words and letters on walls (I know it's a K I T C H E N) and those awful bus destination rolls as art. Just my opinion, folks…

Alexandra says:

Oh no…I agree too, who thought it was a good look to karate chop a throw pillow down the center? That must be a 'thing' every interior designer learned in decorating 101…

Loved the rustic touch in the above images

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