Vegas Market – part 1

Posted on Fri, 3 Aug 2012 by KiM

Happy Friday everyone! I am back from Vegas, having attending the Vegas Market for the first time and holy smokes did I see some fantastic stuff! I had a great time so a huge thanks to Traditional Home magazine for sending me. I also got a rare opportunity to meet a bunch of fellow bloggers including JillCassandra, Victoria, Naomi and Kelly. To let you in on what I was up to this week in Vegas, I thought I’d start by showing you a peek at the lovely hotel we stayed in, and my favourite showroom at Market.

We were booked at the Aria hotel, which is relatively new on the strip. I brought my mom with me (she needed a holiday desperately) and we both really enjoyed the room – the beds were heavenly, and it was very tough call to climb out of bed each morning. Lots of great restaurants (Julian Serrano’s tapas restaurant was YUMMY) and shopping too.

P.S. I have to mention this because I am so shocked. My mom flew home to Ottawa from Vegas with Delta airlines (I flew with AA). She missed her connecting flight in Detroit because the Vegas fight was delayed by about 2 hours. With more cancellations and a whole bunch of dumb excuses later, she finally got home – nearly 24 hours later. So just a tip for anyone traveling around the States – DO NOT fly Delta. And their heartless staff didn’t give a shit that almost 500 people ended up stranded – not for weather reasons but because of pilots not showing up and other ridiculous reasons).


On Tuesday after all of us bloggers had finished a tour and “treasure hunt” at the Market, we were invited for cocktails at the Four Hands showroom. This showroom became by far my favourite of the entire event. Their aesthetic is so up my alley – lots of pieces created from reclaimed wood and furniture made from metal creating a very industrial look. YESSSS!!!!! I had my margarita in one hand and my camera in the other, and did a quick tour around. Fabulousness at every turn. (I must add that there were such beautiful groupings of wild flowers everywhere that just made the displays perfect – one photo below shows flowers tucked into rolled magazine pages. Cute!)

Deborah Alton says:

I so enjoy your blog– such eye candy for a weary desk worker. I need those trunks in that showroom. Can you provide any sourcing information? Thanks.

KiM says:

Deborah, it's called the Regiment Suitcase Stack Chest. I googled it and High Fashion Home carries it among others.
P.S. Thanks! Glad we are able to provide you a distraction. 🙂

Absolutely love this post! I was salivating over every single piece you featured. Very much looking forward to post number 2!

Avery Frank says:

Adore the retro chrome chandelier! I was also JUST in Vegas. Fantastic time, but yes, flights were all delayed from storms. US Air was much friendlier than your Delta experience! We stayed at The Cosmo. Fabulous room!

oregonbird says:

Oh, steampunky industrial goodness! The steel kidney desk and egg chair are mine! MINE! Hands off!

devon davis says:

LOVE these posts! Industrial AMAZING!

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